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Programs & Curriculum

Here are a few of our recent memories!

Christian Village Academy is committed to enhancing the educational growth of ALL children. Our goal is to meet the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child that attends CVA. It is also important that we plant seeds of self-control, self-worth, and moral excellence in the life of each student. As we do our part, we endeavor to trust God to do the rest!

Our Values

  • Excellence in all our goals

  • Support for colleagues

  • Accountability to God and self

  • Professionalism in all practices

  • Integrity at all times

  • Education for all children

  • Respect for self and families

  • Children of all ages

To Fulfill This Commitment

  • We will support families in balancing their personal and professional lives.

  • We will provide a program that enriches children’s development by using all learning styles.

  • We will celebrate the joy of childhood and self-worth.

  • We will honor the art of teaching through the development of curriculum and training resources that promote excellence and best practices.

  • We will trust and honor the Word of God.


For a complete outline of daily activities, please download the Infant & Younger Toddler Daily Schedule.

At Christian Village Academy, every precious child is a bundle of joy. We know that infants and toddlers who receive highly responsive care become more capable of learning and are more adaptable throughout their lives. As your child builds comfort and confidence, you can be assured that her/his curiosity and a love of learning will grow.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

We are careful to provide an age-sensitive schedule and activity list that stimulates young children to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Infants & Younger Toddlers (6 weeks – 30 months)

CVA focuses on providing a structured yet flexible schedule for infants and young toddlers. We nurture these little ones with love and security while helping them begin to discover the new world around them. Their daily activities include:

  • Music & Movement

  • Language Development

  • Creative Arts & Exploration

  • Gross Motor Play

  • Fine Motor & Self-Help Skills

  • Relationship Building / Social Activities


For a complete outline of daily activities, please download the  Older Toddler Daily Schedule.

Toddlers are at that exciting time of life when everything is growing and changing each day! At Christian Village Academy, we help these little ones enjoy exploring the world around them and building new skills with confidence.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

We are careful to provide an age-sensitive schedule and activity list that stimulates young children to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Older Toddlers (30 - 36 months)

We are careful to provide an age-sensitive schedule and activity list that stimulates young children to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Show & Tell

  • Bible Exploration

  • Counting and Alphabetical Skills

  • Poetry & Nursery Rhymes

  • Story Time & Reenactment


For a complete outline of preschool activities, please download the Preschool Daily Schedule.

A day at Christian Village Academy Preschool is a time of wonder and exploration. We encourage and enrich preschool learning experiences and the children’s growing independence by creating lots of opportunities to explore and excel.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

Preschool is an exciting time for students to begin mastering a variety of subjects while interacting in a group or working one-on-one with a teacher. Students are introduced to beginning concepts in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies with a schedule that is balanced with a variety of fun and free-time activities. Their daily schedule includes:

  • Bible Exploration

  • Habit & Skill Development

  • Art & Expression

  • Outdoor Play and Exploration

  • Language Development

  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking


For a complete outline of daily activities, please download the Pre-K Daily Schedule.

As children begin to approach kindergarten, their increased awareness and curiosity make it a fun time for learning and growing. In pre-k we build on foundational skills formed in preschool and prepare students to thrive both socially and academically.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

Pre-K students begin to take their academic skills further as they explore the basics of reading and writing. Each child’s confidence and social skills are enhanced through a variety of group activities and individual projects. Their daily schedule includes:

  • Bible Exploration

  • Reading & Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Language Development

  • Social Studies and Group Activities

  • Outdoor Play and Exploration

  • Art and Expression


Our program provides an environment that will challenge your child’s abilities and develop his or her academic potential, all while emphasizing Christian principles.

Christian Village Academy Kindergarten Enrichment Programs is a half day program morning or afternoon that helps expand what your children may already be learning in Kindergarten. We understand that kindergarten is a special beginning to a lifetime of learning. We provide a loving, nurturing environment where students can develop academically, spiritually and physically through their daily experiences under the guidance of trained, Christian professionals. We work closely with your child’s teacher to make sure there getting the help needed for success.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

Christian Village Academy uses the A Beka Book curriculum along with pinnacle in preschool through kindergarten. The bright teaching materials, books and flashcards all add to the excitement of learning for kindergarteners.

We teach the basics. Others may be trying to go back to the basics, but we at CVA understand that they never should have left. Our students will have fun while learning reading, writing, arithmetic and so much more.


For a complete outline of daily activities, please download the School-Age Daily Schedule.

At Christian Village Academy, school-age children have fun filling their distinguished role as resident mentors and role models for the younger children. In addition to before and after school care, we also provide full-day care for children on days off school.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

CVA provides inspiration and guidance for school-age children while giving them opportunity to explore their own interests and talents. These students experience a balanced schedule of independent activities, group interaction, and one-on-one mentorship from their teacher. Their daily schedule includes:

  • Group Activities and Learning

  • Homework Time & Quiet Study

  • Outdoor Play & Exploration

  • Community Care Service

Summer Program

Summer Program


If you are new to CVA, please submit a new student application. We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

Summer is a great time of exploring and learning at Christian Village Academy. With a balance of daily routine and exciting adventures, each child enjoys a fun and memorable season.

Daily Activities & Learning Experiences

Our summer program provides an opportunity to broaden each child’s skills and experiences through group activities, free-time fun, and exciting field trips. The summer schedule includes:

  • Outdoor Exploration

  • Fun at the Zoo

  • Build a Bear

  • Trip to the Theater

  • Library Learning

…and much more!

Enrolling in the Summer Program

If your child is currently enrolled at CVA, you can enroll for the summer program by submitting a summer enrollment application.

"Christian Village Academy is an amazing child center! Being new to the Columbus area, I was nervous about choosing the perfect place for our son to learn and grown but Christian Village Academy has earned our trust. We are blessed to have found such a professional and God centered childcare for our son!"  -Russell Family

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