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What Makes CVA Unique?

Planting seeds of self-control, self-worth, and moral excellence.

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The top reasons we stand out:

Faith-Based Excellence in Education:

We proudly stand as a faith-based institution, integrating Christian values and the teachings of the Word of God into our everyday curriculum. Our approach goes beyond academics, focusing on planting seeds of self-control, self-worth, and moral excellence in our children.


Innovative and Engaging Teaching Methods:

Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of creativity and inquiry, where traditional rote learning is replaced with hands-on, interactive experiences. We encourage curiosity and the joy of discovery, making learning an adventure every child looks forward to.

STEM in Early Education:

We believe in the power of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from an early age. Our curriculum is designed to harness the innate curiosity of preschoolers, turning everyday play into meaningful learning experiences that build critical thinking skills.


Multilingual Language Development:

Language is a bridge to the world. In our multicultural environment, children are introduced to diverse languages, expanding their understanding and appreciation of different cultures.


Art as a Medium of Expression:

Every child is an artist in their own right. Our art integration approach allows children to express themselves creatively, ensuring that art is a significant part of their learning journey.


Outdoor Learning and Exploration:

Learning extends beyond classroom walls into the natural world. Our outdoor learning programs blend play with education, teaching children about nature, science, and mathematics in the most engaging way.


Balanced Digital Learning:

In our tech-savvy world, we integrate digital learning tools responsibly to complement traditional teaching methods. This balanced approach ensures our children are prepared for the digital future.


Social Skills Development:

Our curriculum emphasizes social skills like teamwork, empathy, and communication, essential for holistic child development.


Cultural Awareness and Diversity:

We celebrate diversity, exposing children to various cultures through festivals, stories, and foods. This approach nurtures global awareness and respect for differences.


Physical Education:

Our physical education programs are designed to develop motor skills and instill a love for an active lifestyle, ensuring our children understand the importance of health and fitness from an early age.


Music: A Universal Language:

Music is integral to our curriculum, enhancing cognitive development and providing a joyful learning experience.


Our Experienced and Qualified Staff:

Our team of educators is the backbone of our academy. Their dedication and expertise ensure that every child receives the best possible start in their educational journey.


Family-Friendly Environment:

We provide a nurturing, family-friendly environment, ensuring small class sizes for personalized attention and using digital apps for effective parent-teacher communication.


Kindergarten Readiness and Quality Assurance:

Our goal is to ensure every child is kindergarten-ready. We use the Pinnacle faith-based curriculum, approved by Step Up To Quality, to guide each child to their full potential.



Join the CVA Family:

Hear from our families about the transformative impact Christian Village Academy has on their children's lives and learning experiences.

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