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Choosing The Right Preschool In Columbus, Ohio: Our 10 Cutting-Edge Approaches to Early Education!

Are you asking Google, "How do I choose the right preschool curriculum for my child?" or "What makes a preschool truly exceptional for my little one's growth?" As the founder and CEO of our preschool, I completely understand these questions. Every parent seeks the best possible start for their child's educational journey. That's why I'm thrilled to share with you our approach to early childhood education. Join me as we explore ten innovative and nurturing methods that make our preschool a place where young minds flourish. Let’s discover together how the right blend of curriculum and care can create a wonderful world of learning for your child.

1. Innovative Teaching Methods

Remember the times when schooling was all about rote learning? Well, those days are long gone in our preschools. Now, it's about nurturing curiosity and the joy of discovery. For instance, imagine a classroom where children learn about gravity not just by reading, but by building their own parachutes. This hands-on approach ensures learning is fun and, more importantly, memorable.

2. STEM in Early Education

STEM might sound too advanced for preschoolers, but it's all about the approach. Little ones are natural scientists and engineers. Remember when your child turned a box into a spaceship? That's the essence of STEM. In our curriculum, children get to explore, experiment, and ask questions, laying a strong foundation for critical thinking skills.

3. Language Development

Language is the key to communication and understanding. In our preschool, children learn new words every day, but not just in English. We introduce them to different languages through songs and simple phrases. Think of it as giving your child a passport to a world of different cultures and experiences.

4. Art Integration

Art is not just about colors and shapes; it's about expressing oneself. Our classrooms are filled with children’s artwork, each a story of imagination. Art integrates into all subjects, making learning a vibrant, creative experience. As Picasso said, "Every child is an artist." We make sure this artist thrives.

5. Outdoor Learning

Who doesn't remember the joy of playing outside as a child? Our curriculum takes learning beyond the classroom walls. Outdoor play is not just play; it's learning about nature, science, and even mathematics. Imagine children learning math through a garden they plant and nurture themselves!

6. Digital Learning Tools

In today's world, technology is a part of everyday life. In our classrooms, digital tools are used responsibly to enhance learning. Interactive games, storytelling apps, and even simple coding activities make learning a 21st-century experience. But fear not, screen time is always balanced with plenty of real-world exploration.

7. Social Skills in Curriculum

Social skills are as crucial as academic skills. Our curriculum fosters teamwork, empathy, and communication. Children learn to work together, solve problems, and even navigate conflicts – all essential skills for the real world. It's like planting seeds for a future of compassionate, confident adults.

8. Cultural Awareness

In our global society, understanding and respecting different cultures is key. Our curriculum includes festivals, stories, and foods from around the world. Imagine a day when children come dressed in traditional attire from different countries, sharing and learning – a true celebration of diversity.

9. Physical Education in Preschool

Physical education is not just about running around; it's about developing motor skills and a love for staying active. Our little ones might be too young for a gym membership, but they're just the right age to start understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. From obstacle courses to dance sessions, we keep them moving and grooving!

10. Music and Preschoolers

There’s something magical about music. It's a language that transcends words. In our preschool, music is a daily delight. It's not just about singing songs; it's about rhythm, movement, and even the basics of musical instruments. Studies show that early exposure to music can enhance learning abilities, and who knows, you might have a little Mozart at home!

A Few of Our Parent Reviews

"I’m beyond happy with the care my two children receive at CVA.  As a full-time working mom, it’s incredibly comforting to know that my kids are in a safe, caring, and educational environment and being looked after with so much love.  That peace of mind is priceless.   My children are learning soooo much and CVA is one of the few centers that offer a complete learning plan with loads of structure.  I would, without hesitation, recommend CVA to future parents." - Kellom Family

"Our son has been attending CVA since he was 3 months old. We have been very pleased with his progress there. He does not currently have any siblings, so we’re glad that he gets to spend time with other kids his age on a regular basis. He has learned SO much and we truly appreciate that CVA is a school, not just a playground. We never imagined our son would know how to count, say his ABCs, and know sign language by the time he was 1 1/2 years old! It’s amazing and we look forward to the progress that we know he will continue to make in his years to come as a CVA student. " - Karlton and Gina Harrison

"Christian Village Academy is an amazing child center! Being new to the Columbus area, I was nervous about choosing the perfect place for our son to learn and grown but Christian Village Academy has earned our trust. We are blessed to have found such a professional and God centered childcare for our son!"  -Russell Family

Key Take Away

Choosing the right preschool is a big decision, but it's also an exciting one. It's the beginning of your child's educational journey, a journey that should be filled with joy, wonder, and endless possibilities. As we've seen, a well-rounded preschool curriculum can set the stage for a lifelong love of learning.

Remember, every child is unique, and the best curriculum is one that caters to their individual needs, interests, and talents. So, as you embark on this journey, look for a place where your child can not only learn but also thrive.

I invite you to step into this wonderful world of early learning. Visit our preschool, talk to our teachers, see our little learners in action. It's a decision that will shape your child's future, and we're here to help you make the best choice. After all, these aren't just preschool years; they're the foundation of a lifetime of learning. Let's make them count!



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